Where to see Peter Iden paintings

17-31 July 2019: Peter Iden paintings at Kevis House Gallery, Lombard Street, Petworth GU28 0AG.
Five of Peter's small abstract paintings will be shown alongside works by Ivon Hitchens (two lent by Pallant House Gallery), other members of the Hitchens family, and artists influenced by Ivon Hitchens. This exhibition is part of the Petworth Festival, in conjunction with the Pallant House Gallery. Exhibition open Tuesdays to Saturdays 10-4.30.

While of course most of Peter Iden's paintings are in private collections, there are a number that are held elsewhere so may be on display.
Pallant House Gallery, Chichester has one watercolour and one oil painting.
University of Chichester has two of his later abstracts.
Oxmarket Centre of Arts has an oil painting on loan. The picture, on display in the foyer, will be replaced by another from time to time.
Worthing Museum and Art Gallery has a number of Peter Iden watercolours in its collection.
St Richard's Hospital Chichester has one painting, kindly donated some years ago by a grateful patient, in the hope that it would give enjoyment to others.

Occasional exhibitions of Peter Iden's work may be held in the future, which will be publicised on this website.